Brain School SP Brain Trainer

Brain School SP Brain Trainer 1.12

A cerebral workout


  • Great range of tests


  • Slow to start with

Very good

Brain School is an IQ tester aimed at a younger audience but with five levels of increasing difficulty the action soon advances out of the school gates and becomes a challenge for all adults. There are the expected simple numbers tests, shapes, word puzzles, and spatial awareness teasers.

You begin on the very easiest level which should be OK for most. The first activity is following a coin that is covered by a top hat (the old follow the coin trick), but you do have to get five out of five to progress to the next stage. Each time you finish a level you get a report card and only A+ will suffice. Then move through the stages like advancing years at school and try to pass your exams. If you don't you can just start again! It's a good cerebral workout but it takes a while to get going.

Improve your memory, concentration, spacial awareness and more with the most advanced brain trainer available. 20 IQ stretching games. Windows Mobile Challenge Winner 2007. Twenty fun games at five levels of difficulty to improve your memory, concentration, analytical reasoning, numeracy, spatial awareness and more.

This is a brain trainer with a difference ..... 20 amazingly addictive and FUN puzzles, each at 5 increasing levels of difficulty. Not only fun, but it will train your brain across a wide range of differing aptitudes such as; Verbal, Spatial, Numerical, and Musical ........ challenge your brain and make sure it's functioning at it's optimum potential!

What a pity school days were never this much fun. Work your way up from year 1 passing exams and collecting A Plus stars as you go. There are 4 years to pass and 100 stars to collect!

Can you graduate from Brain School ?

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Brain School SP Brain Trainer


Brain School SP Brain Trainer 1.12

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